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We serve all of North Carolina to meet needs when there is an unexpected death, illness, or accident. We are here to make the process as simple and discrete as possible. Let us help you during this difficult time.

Our Services

Biohazard/Crime Scene Cleaning

When a tragedy occurs, you have so many important needs to attend to. Cleaning and disposing of bodily fluids, trash, or hazards shouldn’t have to be one of them. We work with your business or homeowners insurances so you can attend to the important matters. We can handle all sorts of situations. Contact us with any questions.

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Body Transportation

Whether sudden or expected, when a death occurs, it’s important to get your loved one where they need to be with dignity and respect. We pride ourselves on providing punctual and compassionate after-life services. We work with funeral homes, medical examiner offices, and individuals. Contact us for a quote.


Coronavirus Cleaning

We can disinfect for coronavirus in schools, business, or any place where people frequent. If there is an outbreak or you need a deep-clean, we’ve got you covered. We do more than just coronavirus, we can disinfect and deodorize just about anything. Ask us what we can do for you.


Hoarder Cleaning

Living in hoarder conditions can be dangerous and unhealthy. We are able to quickly and discretely remove the hazards, clean the premises, provide renovations, and return the home to livable and clutter-free conditions. For proof, see our before and after photos.


Post Construction Cleaning & Hauling

A big job requires big clean-up. Whether you are planning your construction or a contractor left you with a mess, we can help. Give us a call and we will get you cleaned up in no time. Contact us for a quote.


Mold Removal

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