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Before and After Photos

When tragedy strikes, the last thing you are probably thinking about is how to clean up the mess. We are here to help! Check out these before and after photos from some of our biohazard cleaning jobs.

WARNING: Some of These Images May Be Disturbing for Some

We do more than just biohazard cleaning
Removal of fingerprint powder after a crime scene investigation. Did you know the police are not responsible for clean up?
Hoarder situations can be stressful for family members, especially after that person dies and the family is left with the mess.
We can clean up big messes so you can have your home back.
This hotel required our services after an unfortunate suicide. Confidentiality and discretion are a priority. 
We remove and dispose of all the unwanted items as discretely as possible
When a person isn’t found right away the odor can be as unbearable as the sight. We remove the source of the odor and use special cleaning supplies and equipment to remove the odor. 

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